Banpu Plc.

Banpu Public Company Limited is a mining and power company in Thailand. It has coal mining operations in Thailand, Indonesia andChina, and coal-fired Power generation operations in Thailand and China. Banpu plans also to invest in the Hong Sa lignite mine and power plant project in Laos.

In Thailand, Banpu operates coal mines in mines in Lampang and Phayao provinces, and has stakes in BLCP, a 1,434 MW coal-fired power plant at Map Ta Phut, and in RATCH, a 3,645 MW power plant in Ratchaburi Province. It has also has five coal mines in Indonesia and two in China. Banpu agreed to buy Centennial Coal Co Ltd for USD 2 billion on Jul 05, 2010.

The Hongsa Lignite project was founded by and belonged to Thai-Lao Lignite Co., Ltd. and Hongsa Lignite (Lao PDR) Co., Ltd. pursuant to a concession from 1992-1994. In 2005, Banpu entered into a joint venture with TLL and HLL to develop the project but this agreement was terminated in 2006. A UNCITRAL arbitration found that the Lao government illegally terminated TLL’s and HLL’s concession (awarding it to Banpu) and ordered Laos to pay $57 million in damages plus interest. Laos is refusing to pay the award despite its clear agreement with TLL and HLL, its government policy for international arbitration, and despite participating fully.




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